Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cleaning Closets and Drawers Again

When the girls were little, and going through infant sizes at an alarming rate, people would say, "They will slow down soon."  As I'm busy cleaning out the brunette twin's closet and drawers again, I just want to know when this will happen. This girl just went up to a new size -- again.  It's the second time this year I've gone through all her clothes. 

I was a little slow to pick-up on her growth spurt.  It must be because I see her every day, but I really didn't notice that she moved up a size until I started noticing she wasn't wearing her favorite clothes any more.  At first I thought it was just because it is summer.  After a while I realized it was because they didn't fit any more.

She couldn't button her favorite jeans.  She couldn't get her favorite shirt over her head.  Her socks were too small to fit on her feet.

One afternoon I pulled out all her clothing and had her try everything on.  She dreads this because she knows she's going to end up with an empty closet and dresser.  The blond twin, on the other hand, loves it.  She knows her sister will pass down all the clothes worth sharing.

At the end of this adventure, the brunette twin and I went into the basement.  I try to buy a few things at the end of each season so I have some clothes on hand for when the size change happens.  I always do the same thing.  I go to the clearance rack (or more likely the virtual clearance rack on the web site) and pick a few cute clothes.  After that I stare at the clothes when I get home (or when the mailman delivers them) and think, "There is just no way they will fit into these clothes in a year."  Yet, they always do.

The brunette twin giggles as she sees all her new clothes.  She tries them on and each one fits nicely.  She's a happy girl with a new wardrobe -- all from the clearance rack.

The blond twin is a few months behind her sister.  She doesn't turn over her closet as often, but she too has a bin.  She likes to go through her clothes just to see what is waiting for her.

Next stop on our adventure?  I think it's a shoe department.  The blond twin informed me today that none of her shoes fit.


Jacque said...

What is amazing is that is continues into the teenage years, and clothes aren't nearly as cheap then (sorry to disappoint) Gratefully my girls have slowed down and virtually stopped growing but their shapes keep changing if you know what I mean and of course they love new clothes! My 16 year old son continues to grow at an alarming rate and I just noticed all his jeans are floods! Oh dear! I'm off to the clearance rack as well and those amazing sales at Kohl's. The good thing is once they hit the job market they buy a few of those clothes themselves...oh, but then they want you to buy the laptop :) Have a great weekend!

Julie K said...

My son is only in size 6 starting to move into 7. I have bins filled from garage sales and a few clearance rack items (most clearance items are are special finds or tennis shoes ... I like to have a size up in the house). I've got full wardrobes (including coats) until he's size 8/10 and then special finds already started in the 12/14 (usually coats). My son hates trying on the old stuff and new... I have to take what fits and hold up-compare with what's in the drawers (or make mental note when he's got it on and too small/short). All the now-too-small clothes get packaged in garbage bags with sizes noted and wait to get delivered to the parents of some of my grand-nephews (I have 5 under my son's age). Nothing goes to waste in a big family!