Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back on Schedule

We've been giving the girls an allowance for a while now, but we're not very consistent.  It's not that we don't want to give them their allowance, it's just that some times we forget or don't have the exact change or it gets late and we just don't get to it.  More than once we've said, "We'll do it tomorrow," but tomorrow never comes. 

We're going on vacation soon, so we need to get back on a weekly schedule.  We've told the girls that we're going to let them take their "spend" money with them.  They can buy anything they want as long as it is within their budget.

The problem is since we haven't been good about giving them their allowance on time, they don't have that much money saved.  We would like them to buy something that will remind them of their trip. Of course, this means they have to have some money to spend. I'm not sure they will have enough money to buy themselves anything as small as a t-shirt. 

For now we're really trying to remember to give them their allowance weekly.  If we don't, we might have to quietly supplement their "spend" money.  It's not the lesson we want to teach them, but if they don't have any money to spend, we won't be able to teach them about staying within budget.

As soon as we're back from vacation, we'll want them to start saving for Christmas presents.  Given that I think Mom and Dad deserve really nice presents, we'll have to stick to our allowance schedule so they can save the maximum amount. 

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Nicki said...

LOL, yeah, you have to make sure they have enough to get you some presents! I'm trying to give the kids spending money for when we go on outings, but I can't physically give them money because they lose it instantly! I'm thinking of getting them each a little piggy bank though. For now I just keep track on a piece of paper, and when they see something they like, I can give them what they need and subtract it from the paper.