Thursday, May 13, 2010

What the girls really think

Sometimes I get a glimpse of how thr girls' minds work, and I'm not always happy about it.  Here are the most recent three examples:

On Mother's Day, Daddy asked the girls to help pick up sticks in our yard while we planted the new perennials.  The blond twin said, "Why doesn't Mom help?  She never does any work."

On Tuesday, I had a meeting right after dinner.  I told the girls that Daddy would put them to bed.  The blond twin said, "Yeah.  It's always so much fun when we're with Daddy."  I said, "Don't we have fun?"  Her reply was, "Not really.  We have more fun with Daddy."

Yesterday the brunette twin came home with a drawing from school.  The assignment was to finish a sentence and draw a picture.  To finish the sentence, "I feel grumpy when..." the brunette twin wrote, "My mom yells at me."  I said, "I don't yell at you much, do I?"  She said, "All the time and it makes me grumpy."

So, to recap, it turns out that I don't do any work, am not fun, and yell all the time.

How's your week going?


Nicki said...

Well, that's flattering, huh! :[ Don't worry, I'm sure they think happier thoughts about you most of the time!

dcr said...

i wish i could tell you that these (incorrect!!!) notions disappear in our daughters as they grow..but that's simply not the case! my 15 year old told me essentially the same thing THIS MORNING! to hear her tell it, i'm mean, lazy and yell all the time.

Kim Moldofsky said...

This post kinda sums up my Mother's Day experience!

Julie K said...

Join the club!

Noelle said...

You and every other mom!

Happy Mother's Day :)

Rachel said...

Hugs!! It seems that it is similar echo here also.