Sunday, May 16, 2010

No More Bathroom Duty

My husband has been really great about doing his part with the girls, especially when it comes to bathroom duty.  From endless diaper changes when they were little to endless trips to every bathroom since the day we started potty training, he has never hesitated to step in.  Yet as the girls get older, it's clear that Daddy's time doing bathroom duty is coming to an end.

It's one thing to take two little girls into the men's bathroom when they don't really know what's going on -- so to speak.  It's another to take them in when they observe and understand a lot more.

Now they ask a lot of questions about their bodies and boy's bodies.  We have a lot of "we only talk about this at home or in the van" conversations.  They have the normal six-year-old questions about the differences between girls and boys. 

Occasionally they get an unexpected lesson in body differences, like when a friend decided to use the bathroom without closing the door.  They were all talking and he just decided to relieve himself with the door open.  Why stop the chat just because nature called? 

From that point on, they have been fascinated with the way boys pee.  They look for opportunities to see if their theories about boys and girls in the bathroom are correct.  It's not that they don't believe us when we answer their questions.  It's just that they would rather see if for themselves.

So, Daddy is done with bathroom duty for the most part.  If he's out with them by himself, then he won't have a choice.  Given any other options, he'll opt out of bathroom duty. 

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Marketing Mommy said...

Wait, can't two 6-year-old girls go use the women's room without a parent?