Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Food in the Bathroom

The brunette twin is a picky eater.  She will look at something and decide she doesn't want to eat it.  Sometimes the mac and cheese has different noodles; other times she decides the oranges are too tart.  Of course, we still make her eat it.  She doesn't get to pick her food. 

The other day she went to the bathroom during lunch.  She tried to sneak into the kitchen and throw something into the garbage can.  I caught her -- sheer luck, although I did tell her I know everything that happens in this house.

She spit out the fruit she didn't want to eat and was trying to throw it in the garbage.  Being the understanding Mom that I am, I made sure she had an extra piece to fill in for the nearly-tossed piece.  I wouldn't want her to miss the vitamins and fiber. 

Now we have a new rule.  Neither girl can go to the bathroom during a meal until they show us that they don't have any food hidden in their mouths.  It's disgusting some times, so I'm hopeful that we don't have to do the mouth check much longer. 

Of course, we've been talking about getting a dog, so soon the brunette twin will just be able to drop food on the floor when she doesn't want to eat it.  At least I've heard that's what people do when they have a dog.  It's not like I ever did that with our dogs when I was her age. 

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