Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kindergarten Nostalgia

The girls still have about 10 days of kindergarten left and already I'm nostalgic. Today they brought home papers ranging from their first journal to their May work.  It is amazing to see how much they progressed during the year.

They went from uneven, misspelled words to easy-to-read properly spelled sentences with punctuation.  They've gone from reading a few words here and there to reading books.  They've gone from recognizing numbers to doing basic addition and subtraction.

I see the physical changes all the time.  Dresses that used to be past their knees are now just above the knees.  Pants I hemmed in September need to be taken down in May, if they even still fit.  Shoes that fit nicely at the start of school are now in the garbage can.  One pair had holes in the toes.  The other simply separated so that the sole folded back like a flap.

The girls have moved from the Wiggles to Disney Radio.  They know all the super-cool artists and can sing all the songs.  Their taste in television shows moved to "Wizards of Waverly Place," although they still love all the Barbie movies. 

They joined the Daisy troop and learned the Girl Scout pledge.  After several community service projects, they can see how a little work can do a lot of good for other people.  They understand the importance of being a good friend and why Thin Mints are the best Girls Scout cookies.

They received a whole different type of education on the school bus.  Even though I really wanted them to take the bus, I have to admit I had second thoughts a few times.  Only kindergartners and first graders are on the bus.  I figured it would be safe from the really crazy stuff, but I was wrong.  They learned that it's bad to stick up your middle finger at anyone.  They learned swear words in several languages, although none of those languages seem to be English. 

On a daily basis I'm amazed at how much our babies have grown, even though I tell them daily, "No matter how old you are, you'll always be my baby."  It's just that my babies are now big girls. I cannot wait to see what comes next, even as I miss the little girls I sent on the school bus last September.


Julie K said...

I've been looking back at the changes of my first grader (though his printing could still use some help)... my husband has been extremely nostalgic lately as his daughter prepares to graduate from high school in the next few weeks. The time flies. He says it seems like yesterday when he took her to her first day of Kindergarten. If our kids go away to college when they are 18, they've been with us a 1/3 of the time they will be under our roof and intwined in our daily lives by the time they are 6. Cherish the crazy, busy days with them now.

Nickti said...

I know what you mean! Little Bear is finishing up first grade and knows SO much more than she started out knowing! She didn't go to a great school for kindergarten, so when we moved here she started the year kind of behind the others in her class, but now she reads like a pro! Unfortunately, she's probably one of the kids TEACHING the others naughty things, thanks to her big brothers!!! ;) This year went SO fast, didn't it???

Shavon said...

AAAAHHHH, the good ole days! Sometimes growing up is harder on the parent than the child. I had the same experience with my daughter in preschool, from "scribble scrabble" to real letters and eventually real words. Its beautiful but sad to see that little crawling crying baby forge her way into "Big Girldom!"