Sunday, April 25, 2010

Judging the Coloring Contest

The girls have started having what they call coloring contests.  This means they each pull out a coloring book page and color it.  This is the easy part.

They spend a lot of time doing their best to stay in the lines, adding personal embellishments of course.

The problem comes when we have to choose who won.  Recently Daddy had this experience:

Girls:  "Daddy, we're done.  Pick who won."
Daddy:  "Oh, they are both beautiful.  I couldn't choose one.  Look at those colors and how you stayed in the lines.  They are both good."
Girls:  "No, Daddy.  It's a coloring contest.  You have to pick one."

Daddy says a few more diplomatic lines about how he cannot choose. The girls insist he choose, so Daddy takes a deep breath and says, "Blond Twin, I think yours is better."

The Blond Twin starts crying.  She cannot speak because she is so upset.

Brunette Twin:  "It's okay Sissy, your picture really is better than mine."
Blond Twin:  "I didn't want to win.  I wanted you to win."
Brunette Twin:  "I know.  I wanted you to win, so it's okay because you did win."

This goes on for a few minutes before they decide that Daddy confused and both pictures are beautiful.  The girls then go on to play with their dolls.

From the time twins are born they are the subject of endless competition.  Who weighed more?  Who spoke first?  Who walked first?  We have worked hard to try to balance the competition so they are supportive of each other and always in competition. 

Now I'm starting to wonder if we've gone too far. 


Nap Warden said...

OMG...there is no win on this one:O

Julie K said...

Well, you could do it like Skating competition... give a Technical(staying in the lines, composition?)score and an Artistic (use of color?) score for each picture.

Rachel said...

I agree with Nap

Nicki said...

Aw, that is sweet that they were both rooting so hard for each other! In our house it would have been the opposite, with all the kids at each other's throats because they all wanted to win! It sounds like the girls are torturing their own selves by insisting that a winner is chosen!