Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go Wash Your Hands

Overheard at our house...

Brunette Twin:  "Mom, I think the coyotes left something behind."

Mom walks to the patio door.

Mom:  "Don't pick up that stuff."

Brunette Twin:  "I think it's a squirrel leg, don't you?"

Mom:  "Yes.  Now go throw it away and wash your hands."

Brunette Twin:  "Why didn't the coyotes just eat the whole squirrel?"

Mom:  "Seriously, go throw it away and wash your hands before we talk about this."

Brunette Twin:  "Okay, but look at this little paw."

Mom:  "Throw it away and go wash your hands."

Brunette Twin:  "Okay, but then can we talk about why coyotes eat squirrels?"

Mom:  "Yes, after you wash your hands."


dcr said...

be glad it wasn't the rat head your cat barfed up in the living room.

Shari said...


Julie K said...

Reminds me of a family story... when my Mom was 3 she picked up a dead rat outside and cuddled it while saying "poor kitty"... my grandmonther yelled at her to drop it and wash her hands (much like you). My Mom went on to do a Bachelor's degree in Zoology. I find it interesting the Brunette commented on the paw.

Noelle said...

Don't those coyotes know there are starving coyotes in Ethiopia?!

Nicki said...

OMG, yes, for goodness sake, please wash your hands after touching the disembodied squirrel leg!
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