Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Sherpa Feature

There's a great website called Fun Sherpa, which finds fun experiences in Chicago and puts them in one convenient place.  You can browse the site for idea, create a registry and purchase gift certificates for you or as gifts.  I really like the 100 things to do in Chicago feature.  There's a great selection of gifts, so you'll have plenty of ways to use the discount code Fun Sherpa provided -- 2times-fun2010. 

Why did they send me a discount code?  Oh, yeah, I was interviewed and featured on their blog -- Interrogating the Interesting.  You have to scroll down to find my interview because I was featured on Monday and today is Friday, and well, you know how the weeks fly by.

And, thanks to my cousin Julie, I have a cool photo to accompany the article.  It's not a great photo of me, but how many times can you have your photo taken with a giraffe?

Head over to Fun Sherpa and buy something fun for you, your Mom or anyone else you know who needs a little more fun.

1 comment:

Julie K said...

That's a good photo! (and I love your cousin's name)