Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What does this say?

Overheard at our house...

Blond Twin:  "Mom, I'm going to make a book.  Will you please tell me how to spell some words?"

Mom:  "Sure honey."

Blond Twin:  "I want to spell all the months and days of the week."

The girls laugh and start singing the days of the week song they learned at school, complete with hand clapping. 

Mom:  "How about if I write out those words and then you can keep the paper in front of you while you draw your pictures for each word?"

Blond Twin:  "Okay."

Mom writes the words and hands the blond twin the paper.  A few minutes later, she hears the girls whispering and arguing, but ignores it.

Brunette Twin:  "Um, Mom, we cannot read some of these words.  Why did you write it in script?"

Mom:  "I didn't.  I printed each word."

Blond Twin:  "Mom, you must be confused.  This is script writing. I can read print words."

Mom:  "No, I printed it."

Brunette Twin:  "Well, okay, but it's scribbly and we cannot read it."

Mom:  "Are you saying my handwriting is messy?"

Blond Twin:  "No, we're just saying we cannot read it.  I have an idea.  Why don't you spell the words and we'll write them on the paper?"

Brunette Twin:  "Good idea Sissy.  We can read our own handwriting, but we can't read Mom's."

Blond Twin:  "Mom, what she means is..."

Mom:  "What she means is I have messy handwriting and you cannot read it.  I get it."

Brunette Twin:  "Don't worry Mom.  I'm sure if you practice it will get better."


dcr said...

do you ever feel like they're ganging up on you?

this made me laugh!

Shari said...

Every day Diane. Every day.