Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too Tired to Fight About It

Yesterday did not turn out as planned.  We thought my husband was taking the day off to run errands, take the girls to an eye doctor's appointment and generally keep them busy on their last day of Spring Break.  (AKA keep them out of Mommy's hair for the day.)  We ended up visiting the emergency room; he ended up in emergency surgery.

My parents came over immediately when I called and kept the girls all day.  They took them to lunch, the eye doctor and to play.  They kept the girls busy all day.

I spent the day running between our house and the hospital.  Two hours until surgery?  I ran home to make sure my parents were set with the girls appointment, call my work, organize the rest of the day.  Two hours between the end of surgery and when I could see hubby in his room?  I ran to get a babysitter, call his office, buy groceries, etc.  (No, it wasn't normal weekly shopping.  My husband was going to go grocery shopping, so we drained the house of all food.  We didn't even have a drop of milk for breakfast or a slice of bread for a sandwich.  There wasn't anything in the house that was easy-to-eat.)

After visiting with my husband -- who had really good painkillers because he was a happy, happy guy -- I came home, put the girls to bed, called a bunch of relatives, cleaned up the house, and went to sleep.

Today I'm just too tired to fight with the girls about anything.  Right now I should be getting my allergy shots, but they do not want to go, so I'm blogging and they are watching television.  I'm not trying to sound like a martyr about yesterday's craziness because I know he would have done the same thing for me.  This is just a public surrender.  I'm too tired to fight about most things today, so if it won't cause them short-term or long-term physical harm, the girls will probably get their way today.


Missy said...

Yikes, that sounds like an awful exhausting day. I need a nap after reading it. Hope all is well with your husband and you get some much deserved rest.

Kim Moldofsky said...

OMG, is everything okay?! Cut yourself as much slack as you need; this sounds like a tough time.

dcr said...

i hope all is well. brent ended up in the hospital unexpectedly once when my kids were 7 and 4. i think they ate mcdonalds for every meal for a week.