Monday, March 29, 2010

They Might Not Let Me Out

You know how the hospital emergency room is about the least private place possible?  And at the worst possible time, everyone can hear your problems?  And you think about the craziest things when you are someplace like the emergency room in the hospital? 

Well, while we were waiting for a doctor to look at my husband, an elderly woman was brought into the room next to ours.  Her husband reported that she was having problems doing everyday tasks and remembering things.  They were in the emergency room because they couldn't get in to see a specialist for six to eight weeks.  Her primary care physician didn't think it was a good idea to wait, so he recommended they walk into an emergency room.  (Oh, there's more on that another time.)

The nurse started asking the woman basic questions like her age, the date, the year, etc.  She asked the woman a few questions that made me stop.  I knew some of the answers, like who is the president and what year is it.  Here's what I couldn't answer quickly:

How old are you?
*Really, I have to always do the math.

How long have you been married?
*In a real number?  Or can I round it?  Can I have a minute to do the math?

What is the date?
*This is a trick question.  I know the day.  I know the month and year.  What I never know is the actual date.  The problem is in my world, dates are rarely relevant.  I know that every Tuesday is gym day and Wednesday is library day at school.  I know that the first Wednesday of the month (regardless of the date), the girls have a 1/2 school day.  The date?  Not so much.  When the woman couldn't answer the question, I turned to my husband and said, "What is the date?"  He knew immediately.

So in the end, I could not answer three of the eight questions they asked her.  I think she answered more questions that I could have. I don't know what happened to her, but I do wonder if they would have let me out or if they would have required more testing.


Rachel said...

Oh my! Thanks for the well needed chuckle.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Hilarious and so true!