Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taking the Bus is Okay

The daffodils are peaking through the mulch.  The azaleas have new leaves.  The snow is melted.  The trees are starting to bud.  I realized today that spring might actually be around the corner.  A few minutes later, an even more exciting thought came.  We made it through the worst of the cold, snowy winter weather and never missed the school bus.

Oh, we were close a few times.  Just yesterday we arrived at the bus stop as the driver was about to pull away.  We had to walk around the block as the back yards are too mushy to cut across to get to the bus stop.  Still, we made it.

When the school year started, I dreaded winter.  I was certain that it would be completely miserable standing outside waiting for the bus, but it turns out it was not so bad.

I wrote about driving to the bus when it was really cold, and I do the same thing when it's pouring rain.  I guess I whimp out a bit on those days.  Otherwise, I just deal with the weather.  I bought a long, wool coat that is two sizes too big so I can bundle up sweaters and other winter clothes.  In the really cold weather, it's like wearing a heated blanket when you wear all those layers.

Overall, I'm pretty proud of us.  Some days were easier than others, but in the end we figured out how to survive our first year of taking the bus.  It's a little thing, but we did it.

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dcr said...

you have YEARS ahead of you to miss the bus. and some years you will. and there will be no explanation. just go with it.