Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's not a big, empty building

My husband works for an insurance company.  Somehow this causes a truly minor, but really annoying problem.  It happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks.

The first time was when I was filling out the paper work at a new doctor's office.  The receptionist looked at the forms and said, "This question asks where the primary insurance holder works, not the name of your insurance company."

The second time was in the emergency room last week.  The registration clerk corrected me when I told her where my husband works.  She said it twice, as if I didn't understand the question.  Then, just to really annoy me, she said she had to "verify our insurance before he could be officially admitted."  She backed off on that when I said, "HE WORKS FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY."

Why is it always so surprising when I say he works for an insurance company?

So, here's my public plea for a little common sense.  His company owns a big, high profile building in downtown Chicago.  Someone has to fill that space. 


dcr said...

it's not you, it's THEM. the collective THEM that we all intensly dislike. the THEM that can't (or don't) read, stop at stop signs, give correct change, care to get your order right, etc. and THEY are highly annoying when you're distracted and/or stressed...like when you're the mother of two young children and you're husband is really sick.

i'm sorry THEY are annoying you and hope that tom is better soon.

it's not you.

Janna said...

I always have this problem with my last name. They say "no I just need your last name."

I say "I know that is my last name"

It's b/c its so long:)

Rachel said...

too funny! or is it annoying? :)

My aunt's last name is Nope. The things she tells me.

*Can I have your last name?