Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daddy's Girls

The girls are obsessed with Daddy being in the hospital.  When I first told them he was in the hospital they cried and asked some questions.  I answered them and they decided the thing to do was draw Daddy some pictures.  A dozen or so pictures later, I took those to Daddy in the hospital.

When I came home, they were surprised that I didn't bring Daddy with me.  They didn't realize that he was staying in the hospital.  They thought he was there for the day and would be coming home.

This realization didn't go over well for Daddy's girls.

The questions about the hospital came quickly.  What did his room look like?  Who was taking care of him?  Did he have his pajamas?  Was he cold?  Was he sad?  Who would feed him?  What was he eating?  Did he have a TV to watch basketball?  Would someone bring him a toothbrush?  Where would he sleep?

Then they realized Daddy wouldn't be home to put them to bed.  We talked to Daddy just before bed and they both cried, which made him feel terrible. 

The first questions in the morning were about Daddy.  Every step of the day went back to Daddy.  If we're eating breakfast, are you sure someone is feeding Daddy breakfast?  We're brushing our teeth, so is Daddy?  Does Daddy need clean socks?  Everything they did brought out a question about Daddy.

They made plans to take care of Daddy when he comes home.  When he does come home, I know that no Daddy will have more attentive in-house nurses than those two.  Of course, they have big plans, so I hope he's resting up now.  I'm not sure he'll get much rest once they are taking care of him.

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LauraC said...

I am so sorry to hear your husband is in the hospital! What a crazy weekend! Hope he is better soon.