Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Wouldn't Treat Me That Way

The blond twin has a Bitty Baby (official name Victoria, nickname Bitty) who is her baby.  She takes care of that doll like she is a real baby.

Last night we were having a rough night.  The girls were tired and just didn't want to cooperate when it came to getting ready for bed.  Everything was a battle.

When she said she had to get her baby ready for bed, we said, "She can sleep in what she is wearing."

She was horrified.  She said, "You wouldn't treat me that way.  She needs to get her diaper changed, brush her teeth and put on pajamas."

We just sighed.  She is really, really devoted to her baby.  She takes care of Bitty before she goes to school.  When she comes home, she immediately picks up Bitty and plays with her.  Most days you can find Bitty right next to the blond twin.

Some days she discusses how hard it is to be a mom.  She likes to ask me about how to take care of babies.  Her sister incurred the blond twin's wrath the other day because she wasn't holding Bitty's head correctly.

It's quite fun to watch her, so when she cried, "You wouldn't treat me that way" we let her take care of her baby.  After all, we still had battles to fight to get the brunette twin in to bed.


Rachel said...

Just darling! Isn't it amazing how they treat those dolls?

C keeps asking for more. I don't think I can house anymore.

Nicki said...

What a great little mommy! That is so sweet!