Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Good Valentine's Day Present

It is well-known among friends and family that my husband buys really nice, thoughtful presents.  He does such good work that several girlfriends asked if he can take their husbands shopping.  Me?  Well, I'm still in training when it comes to buying him really good gifts.

So I guess it shouldn't be a complete surprise that he bought himself a Valentine's Day gift from me.  I discovered this last night as he was lining up the cards, candy and gifts on the breakfast bar.  He had his gift at the end.  When I asked him why he bought it, he said, "Well, I saw it and it was what I was looking for.  I told you I was going to pick it up."

True.  He did tell me that he was looking at it.  He did say he was going to buy it.  What I didn't realize was that he bought it for his Valentine's present.  I can only guess that he didn't think I had time to do it, so he did it himself.

Of course, my reaction the other day when he mentioned Valentine's Day gifts was, "We're exchanging gifts?"  I knew he was buying something for the girls, but I didn't think we were exchanging gifts.  I already had a card when we had the conversation, but a gift?  I hadn't gotten there yet.

So his doubts about my follow-through on that conversation were completely understandable. 

However, I do want to say in my defense that I did get him a Valentine's Day gift -- and it complements what he bought himself quite nicely.  Maybe this tag-team approach is the best way to make sure he gets a decent gift.


Noelle said...

Are you going to reveal the gift?! I love that he's a great gift buyer. I usually do what your husband does :)

Nicki said...

LOL... Well, that was so sweet of you... uh I mean him... to get him exactly what he wanted!!!

Julie K said...

We don't even exchange store-bought cards. This year I made two pink on red paper heart cards... one for my husband, one for my son (only because my son had made us Valentine's at school). My son got M&Ms... all is good.

Nap Warden said...

My Husband is the worst gift buyer...He tries, poor guy:(

This year for V-day, he just bought me sushi...well done!