Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Fearless Athlete

By all standards, the brunette twin should be the better athlete in our family.  The girl is strong.  I mean, really, really strong.  She's quick to pick-up any game and understand the rules.  She likes to play as much as possible.

The blond twin, on the other hand, would rather not play most sports.  She wants to sit on the bench and cheer for her sister.  She likes to work in the garden and play house more than play baseball.

As I was watching the girls ice skate this weekend, I realized that if they ever really decided to get involved with a competitive sport, the blond twin would actually be the better athlete.

She might not have the strength or desire her sister has, but that girl is fearless.  For her, it's all just fun. 

Last Sunday is the perfect example of this.

We put on our skates and walked to the ice rink.  The local park district flooded a couple of parks so we skate outside.  It's fun and free -- two of my favorite things.  The girls took ice skating lessons, so they both skate well enough that they don't have to hold my hands at all.  On the indoor rink, the brunette twin zoomed around like a pro.  On the outdoor rink, she stood at the edge, just frozen with fear.

The brunette twin wouldn't walk on the ice because it was thin and cracking near the edge.  She kept asking if she was going to sink.  I tried to talk to her about it, but after a while I just became frustrated and picked her up.  (Yes, quite a trick as I was also on ice skates.)  I placed her about three feet away from the edge on the solid ice.  Only then did she start skating.

The blond twin just walked across the thin ice and started skating.  At one point she turned to her sister and said, "Sissy, if we were going to fall through, Mommy wouldn't let us skate here."  She was happily gliding across the ice while her sister was going through all the doomsday scenarios in her head.

Even once we were on the ice, the blond twin skated with abandon, while the brunette twin fretted about every bump in the ice.  And, the ice was pretty smooth for an outdoor rink.  It wasn't like we were dodging craters. 

I put it all together last night while watching the Olympics.  I looked at my husband and said, "The blond twin would love that."  We were watching skiing and the competitors were doing these crazy, airborn jumps that made me gasp.  He just smiled.  We both know it's true.  While the brunette twin might be stronger and a more natural athlete, her fears will hold her back.  She would be standing at the edge of the jump trying to decide if it's safe or not.

The blond twin will just do it to see what happens.  What she lacks in natural athletic ability, she makes up in her fearless outlook.


dcr said...

amazing how two kids, raised in the same household by the same people can be so VERY different!! everybody told me so but you have to experience it to really "get it." glad to hear that all is well with you! i so love hearing what's going on. thank heaven for blogs.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Oh, how fun! Living in California, ice skating is certainly *never* free.

My kids are opposite that way, too - Blythe is a complete dare devil, Alison needs to test the waters before she'll agree to do anything. Isn't it amazing to see how different they are? Especially for you, with twins :).