Friday, February 12, 2010

100 Days and Counting

The girls had a 100 days of school celebration.  One of their assignments was to fill in this blank:  100 times a day my parents say _____________.

The brunette twin wrote, "My parents tell me to clean-up my room 100 times a day."  She drew a photo of her cleaning her messy bedroom.  It looks just like her messy room with stuffed animals and toys everywhere.  She was smiling as she did it.

The blond twin wrote, "My Mom tells me to stop asking the same question over and over and over again at least 100 times a day."  She drew a photo of my yelling at her saying, "Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop."  It's a lovely picture of me yelling at her. 

I just sighed when I saw it.  She didn't draw a picture of us telling her we love her or that she's so polite or anything funny.  She dew a picture of me yelling at her.  She said the teacher laughed and said she tells her sons the same thng every day.

All I kept thinking is that we don't call the blond twin the drama queen for nothing.


Julie K said...

At least it's not like the kid who drew a picture of her Mom selling the last snow shovel at Home Depot with guys holding money standing around her (and it looked like she was actually pole dancing)... wasn't that on one of your 'mental note to self to check kids homework before it goes to school' blogs? Though it sounds like your girls did the drawing at school. Interesting question... I think I'll pose it to my son and see what we get. He just had to dress like he was 100 years old and bring in a collection of 100 things (in a brown paper bag for kids to guess based on 3 clues). My wirerim, squashed-stop sign glasses from the mid-1970s came in handy (yes, I still have them and keep them in my costume box because they look like granny glasses), as well as some baby powder in his hair to make him grey.

Rachel said...

I am laughing! I think C would say "my momma says to me a 100 times a day -knock it off-"

And we call C DQ short for drama queen.