Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Towels Everywhere

We don't have a mud room in our house.  The back of our family room near the garage door or the front hall foyer fill in as needed.  With all the snow, those spaces are really, really messy right now.

All those beach towels we use in the summer are now snow towels.  Instead of soaking up warm pool water, they are busy soaking up melted snow.  I have them spread out all over the place to catch the snow that seems to be embedded in everything. 

We have at least two sets of the girls' hats, scarves, mittens and ear muffs drying on towels.  One of their friends was over this afternoon and had her stuff on more towels.  Add in the girls' snowsuits, coats and boots, as well as my coat, scarf, mittens, boots, etc., and it's a big mess. 

It's a fun mess though.  While my husband shoveled snow in the dark this morning before work, the girls played outside, giggling in the newly fallen snow.  This evening, when I shoveled the snow in the dark, they plopped down in the snow and buried each other.  Yes, one of them took a shovel and piled snow on her sister.

While this doesn't sound like fun to me, they loved it.  They had snow everywhere.  Their hair is so wet right now I might as well add some conditioner and call it a shower.  They have changed clothes so often that there is a whole load of wet clothes just from their time in the snow today. 

The only reason they won't get a shower today is I don't think we have enough towels.  The first set of snow towels is sitting in the washing machine.  The second set is on the floor right now -- where they will stay until the winter storms are done tomorrow.  The girls aren't done playing outside yet and we're not done shoveling.


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! Stay warm and enjoy the towel frenzy. lol just joking.

Noelle said...

What a sweet, fun post, and a great memory for the girls down the road. Hoping you keep warm, dry, and happy :)

Nicki said...

That sounds awesome! I WISH I could get the kids here to play out in the snow! Little Bear has never built a snow fort or made a snowball, and she thinks maybe one time she made a snowman. SO today I said I Was going to take them outside afterschool... except Rafael lost one of his boots (he came hobbling out of school with one sneaker and one boot) so we couldn't. :(