Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ready to Get Back to the Routine

I'm ready for winter break to be over.  I know that everyone complains about how their kids drive them crazy, but that's not my problem.  The girls have actually been quite good.  They are a bit overtired from the excitement of Christmas parties, New Year's Eve, etc., but overall they have not been a problem this break.

My husband has been off for the two weeks the girls have been home, so he's had most of the heavy-lifting where they are concerned.  They follow him like puppies, which I find so entertaining.  The other day I walked out of the bathroom and realized I was all be myself.  No one knocked on the door while I was in there.  No one yelled something at me through a closed door.  No one was waiting when I opened the door.  It was a silly, yet enjoyable moment.  I'm sure every parent can relate to it. 

I'm ready to get back to the routine so I have a reason to ignore my to do list.  I had a list that included things like put the photos in the photo album and clean the basement.  It wasn't a long list, but it had a bunch of stuff on it that I really wanted to get done.

Some of it did.  We cranked through a few good projects.  Some things came up as the days developed.  One day we were stuck in the house as the blond twin had the flu, so we took down the Christmas stuff and put it all away a bit earlier than usual.  I spent a day on the couch reading a book that wasn't on my list because the blond twin kindly shared her flu with me.  One day it was just nice outside so the brunette twin and I went ice skating at local outdoor rink.

It's the other stuff that didn't get done that is bothering me.  I wanted to do a few more things than we managed to get to, but it's always that way, isn't it?

At least if we're back in the school/work routine I'll have a reason to not complete my to do list.  Even on my most ambitious day, "I have to help the girls with their homework" sounds like a better way to spend my time than "I need to clean out the lower kitchen cabinets."


dcr said...

i'm STILL waiting for the moment nobody will bang on the bathroom door! and my kids are BIG! lucky you.

Jacque said...

Right on Shari! I ended up just starting to go to bed early because I was tired of doing odd stuff around the house. After two days back at work, I come home full of energy and ready to do stuff around here. It doesn't make sense does it?!