Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm living at home FOREVER

The brunette twin does not like changes in her routine.  She has her comfort zone and she likes it there.  This week the school has ISEL testing, so her teacher is in and out of the classroom working individually with different children.  This means there is a substitute in the classroom.  The brunette twin does not like this at all.

The substitute has different ways of doing things.  It's not like she has completely changed the routine, but she shifted it enough that it took the brunette twin out of her comfort zone.  The brunette twin knows the substitute will be there for two more days, so now she's lobbying to stay home.  Yesterday she had a headache.  Today her throat hurts.  She'd rather stay home than go to school with a substitute.

It's not that I think the substitute is doing anything wrong.  On the contrary, she sounds perfectly nice.  The blond twin says good things about her.  Their regular teacher is in and out, so she is keeping an eye on the classroom.  The brunette twin just doesn't like change.

I see this a lot in her personality.  The other day we were watching TV and a commercial came on where a mom sent her daughter a "care package" at college.  I asked the girls if they wanted us to send them care packages.  The blond twin gave me a list of what I should put in her care package.  The brunette twin's eyes started swelling with tears.  She looked at me and said, "I'm going to stay at home and go to college, Mom.  You aren't going to make me leave home, are you?"

This is a common theme with her.  Recently she was upstairs in the hall and said, "Mom, when I get married, I'm going to live at home, okay?"  I suggested she might want to live in her own house with her family.  I explained tha tshe could buy a house near us and we'd visit her often.  She got a little edgy and said, "No, Mom.  We'll live here.  Me and my husband will live in my bedroom and our children will be in the office.  We can use my bathroom." 

One thing about the brunette twin, she does think through her options.

One of these days I need to videotape these conversations.  When she's starting college applications, I can play it again to remind her that she's not going away to college because she said she wants to live at home.  Of course, given her personality, the brunette twin might be okay with that idea even then.


Julie K said...

Ha! After a run of reading "I love you Forever" to my son last year (we get stuck on certain books that we read over and over... like when he was 3 when I had to read "The Night before Christmas" every night for the whole month of July), my son informed me that he'll come visit us when he is a grown man and has a house of his own somewhere in town (I think he expected that I'd sneak over there to rock him when he's a grown man).

Noelle said...

My daughter insistst that I'm going away to college with her, and when she's married, not only will I live with her, but she'll also sleep in my bed. I think you're right, we should totally record these conversations. And play them back when they turn 13!