Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'll Love You Forever

Julie's comment reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask for a while.  Does anyone else get the creeps while reading "I'll Love You Forever?"  It's not the story about the mother's rock steady love for her son and his for her.  It's the sneaking around part that makes me cringe.

If you haven't read the book in a while, the story is about a mother who loves her son no matter what.  When she gets older, he tells her how much he loves her.  This is the sweet part.

The rest of it is about how she crawls on the floor in his childhood bedroom to rock him while he sleeps or climbs into his bedroom window when he is an adult to rock him while he sleeps.  This is the part that makes me cringe.

Maybe it's just me (and it very well could be), but why does the mother crawl on the floor to see her son?  Why does she crawl up the side of the house to get into his bedroom?  Wouldn't she just walk through the door?  Later, when she's sick, why doesn't he just come in through the front door?

It seems to me that this is one step up from monsters under the bed and strangers looking through windows.  I know this is family sneaking in on family, but it doesn't make it any less creepy for me.

Overreacting, I know.  Still, I won't mind it when they outgrow this book.


Nicki said...

I've never thought of it before like that... but yeah, that is a little disturbing!

Rachel said...

I don't think I have read this. You have intrigued me though.

Julie K said...

I have to agree with you... the sneaking part is kind of creepy. Sneaking isn't my style (and not needed by me since my son sleeps like a rock). The part that kills me in the book is this old, graying haired lady is hauling a ladder with her across town and crawling in a window (she couldn't just use a spare key and use the stairs)? I keep wondering what would happen if the grown man had a security alarm or his Mom got picked up by the cops for setting a ladder outside in the middle of the night(he, he... I know, but I can't help my mind from wandering after reading the same book a zillion times... thank goodness we're beyond this one now - as sweet as it is in other respects).

dcr said...

i've always loved this book. i never thought it was creepy. but now that you mention it...gee, THANKS, shari. it'll never been the same! (kidding, really) i so love hearing about your kids! i'd tell you about mine but they're simply annoying! love, diane

Marketing Mommy said...

Creepiest book ever. My aunt gave it to our kids and I hid it away where they'll never find it again.