Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clean Satisfaction

I hate to admit this, but here goes.  I like cleaning the girls' room.  Once a month of so we all spend time going through all their stuff and cleaning up the room.

It's not so much the process that I like, but it is the end result.  When we take the time to go through their stuff bin by bin and drawer by drawer, we clean out a lot of junk.

The blond twin is not attached to many things.  As soon as I say we need to get rid of something, she throws it away.  She has a few dolls and stuffed animals she won't part with.  Everything else can go.  Those things are just extras in her daily play with her favorites.

The brunette twin never wants to get rid of anything.  No matter how torn, dirty or disgusting, she wants to keep it.  She has been known to break into tears at the thought of getting rid of a broken toy that she didn't even remember she owned.

Me?  I keep making excuses to get rid of stuff.  The stuffed animal with the hole in it?  Well, despite the fact that I quilt, I cannot figure out how to fix the hole.  It has to go.  The purse with the teeny, tiny stain inside?  Well, it cannot be cleaned.  It has to go. 

Today we managed to get the room back to a pre-Christmas level.  Oh, there are some new things, but it's balanced by all the things that we eliminated.

I know some people clean their children's rooms when they are at school.  Not us.  We make them part of the pain -- errrr process.  It's their mess, so we make them clean it with us.

When it's all clean and everything is in place, I like to just stand there and admire our work.  Of course, I am fully aware it won't look that way until the next time we clean the room, but for those few moments, it is a wonderful feeling.

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Noelle said...

I love cleaning my daughter's room, too...bin by bin! And every time I do I re-institute the "one bucket at a time" rule, meaning if she wants to play with Polly Pockets, she has to clean up the Barbies, and if she wants to move on to dress-up she has to clean up the Barbies first, etc. That usually lasts half way through the first day. Which is why we end up cleaning out the room every few weeks!
P.S. My girl won't get rid of anything either, unless she's trading up!!!