Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Need a New Priest

There's something about the holidays that brings up religion in conversations where it normally wouldn't be a topic. I was talking to a cousin about our move to the Episcopal Church. We talked about how comfortable it was for us and how much the girls enjoy it.

As a life-long Catholic, she wanted to know what made us move. She also feels frustrated with certain aspects of the church, but she never thought about leaving. When I expressed our reasons, she said, "Oh, you didn't need to leave the church. You just needed to talk to a different priest."

I told her we were happy where we are and changed the topic.

It’s one of the things that really bothers me about our decision to change. It’s that people do not just accept it and wish us well. They keep questioning our thoughts and decisions about our family’s religion. They keep trying to convince us that we should leave the Episcopal Church and head back to a place where we were uncomfortable and disagreed with the basic foundations on the premise that some day things “might change.” 
 Why would we want to spend our time waiting to see if something will change in a church hierarchy where we disagree with the most basic rules? Why wouldn’t we want to a place where we feel comfortable with both the community and the foundation of that community? Why not try to be happy, rather than fight something that will never change?


dcr said...

i am very happy that your family has found a comfortable place to worship. i can entirely sympathize with you being grilled by relatives and other well-meaning people. it's great that the girls enjoy church--way better to enjoy it than to look back on childhood having HATED every boring moment...

merry christmas, shari!

melanie said...

we have had some tough religion issues to deal with too. we are now in a denomination that a lot of people in our family have never even heard of (evangelical covenant). it can be a tough decision but it seems that a high value as you make that decision has to be the community that you are a part of. i hope it continues to go well for you!