Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just in Time

This has been a long, difficult, sometimes overwhelming, year.  I cannot even recap it in my mind without needing a cup of tea and a nap.

I feel like I've spent all of 2009 running a bit behind and getting things done just in time.  For someone as organized as I tend to be, it's a little unnerving.  We managed to get everything done this year, but I never felt like I was in control of anything.  "At least it's done" was my mantra for 2009.

True to form, 2009 is ending just in time.  I am really ready to have this year end and start a new one. 

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, but here's my resolution for 2009.  I'm going to banish, "just in time."  I will work to make sure as much as possible is done in advance so we're not running to the grocery store the day before the family gathering or searching for the right birthday card the morning of the party.

I'm going to try to turn "just in time" to "in advance."  It's my only 2010 resolution, so I'm hopeful I can keep it throughout 2010.  I don't expect to be perfect about it, but I do expect to keep it top of mind.  It will make all our lives a lot easier. 

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Also glad to welcome 2010 and kick 2009 to the curb! Here's to a great year.