Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homework, Part II

Okay, here's the other thing that frustrates me about the girls' homework.  There are numerous errors in the worksheets.  I realize I cannot blame the teacher for this as she is just copying it out of a book.  Yet, I'm frustrated with it.  Here are a few recent examples.

The girls do a lot of word searches for homework.  Last week we searched and searched for a specific word.  (Remember, this is 1st grade level work.  It's not that hard that an adult cannot figure it out.)  We couldn't find the word.  My husband wrote a note that we couldn't find the word and asked the teacher to point it out.  We spent a lot of time looking for it and wanted to know how we missed it.  She wrote back, "It looks like the publisher forgot to include that word."

Yesterday we finished another word search and the word green was staring at us.  It wasn't on the word list, but there were only five letters not circled and they clearly spelled green.  The girls were frustrated that they didn't have green on their word list, so I told them to add it and call it done.

The girls also do a lot of crossword puzzles for homework.  More than once we have only one word left, and it clearly is the answer to the clue.  The problem is the number of boxes for that clue do not line up.  We've had to improvise a few times to make it work.

I do know it's not the teacher's fault.  Still, I cannot help but wonder if this is the first time she's used these materials.  If it is, I can understand her not knowing about these problems.  If it isn't, then I know she's just copying anything to appease us -- and that's not an option that will make me a satisfied customer. 


Anonymous said...

As a teacher it infuriates me that word finds are used as homework. They are not instructional. They do not review any skill taught in class. They are fun and maybe a treat, but should not be used as regular homework. I will hop off my soap box now.

Marketing Mommy said...

Oh, that would drive me batty! Have you considered chucking the crappy worksheets and finding some Montessori or homeschooling materials at the library to better challenge your girls?

I've done a few science experiments I've found in library books with my similarly-aged daughter, and she loves it. I mean, if you're going to spend the time on "school work" at home anyway...

eatmisery said...

I agree with Anonymous. I'm a teacher and that just frosts me.

sarah said...

As a mom, it frosts me that word searches are sent home as homework and touted as having some educational value. Over the years it seems they're typically used in spelling curriculums. How does finding the first three letters of a word teach children to spell an entire word?

Confession -- for my gifted son with visual tracking problems I would ALWAYS do the wordsearch for him. He learned spelling better if he was walking in circles chanting the letters than with a frustrating wordsearch.