Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving and Forgiving

You know how rare it is that a newspaper article makes you laugh these days?  It's even more rare for an editorial to make you laugh, but yesterday the Chicago Tribune nailed one.

Called Giving and Forgiving, the article takes a look at what you can give to the woman in your life and what will get you in trouble.  It's quite entertaining.

It reminds me of a conversation we had when we were first married.  I informed my wonderful husband that any useful gift would not be well received.  I gave him a list of examples including anything that involves cleaning or cooking.  Several years later, I really wanted cast iron pans.  It took a lot of convincing before he would allow me to put those pans on my Christmas list.  I eventually convinced him that I really wanted them. 

When I read the editorial, the funniest line was "How about a little help here?"  I have to admit I'm guilty of that this year.  I'm busy trying to clean out our house.  I cannot think of a single thing I really need or want.  Of course, if I really put some effort into it, I could probably come up with something.

The wonderful thing about my husband is he buys really thoughtful, terrific gifts.  I'm not worried about what will be under the tree for me this year.  Him, on the other hand...well, he might want to worry. 

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Jacque said...

It is so funny how things change after you've been married a while. Evidently, all newlyweds think the shower gifts will last for ever. When I was newly married, I told my husband do not, I repeat, do not every buy me anything that plugs in. (Or is for cooking or cleaning for that matter) and now everything on my list is for cooking or cleaning or the house. Well, except for diamonds. :) Lately, I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets and anything wilton. The times they change.