Thursday, December 10, 2009

Driving to the Bus

It's cold in Chicago.  I nearly froze waiting for the school bus yesterday, so today I took a different approach.  I put the girls into the mini-van and drove the two blocks to the bus stop.

Yes, I know I'm a whimp, but it's really, really cold here.  The temperature won't get into double digits today.  The wind chill is well into negative territory at about -25 degrees.  It's really windy.

It's just miserable.

So, yes, despite my extra-warm gloves and Thinsulate ear muffs, I drove the girls to the bus.

When we wait at the bus stop, I add two other girls to the party.  One girl lives across the street from the bus stop.  In warmer weather her Mom and I chat as we wait.  These days, she just opens the door and lets her daughter out.  She has a two month old baby.  I don't see any reason for her to bring the baby out in this weather.  I will be there anyway, so what's one more?

The other girl lives on the other side of the bus stop.  Her Dad used to wait at the bus stop and then jump in his car to get to work on time.  When I got to know him a bit, I suggested he leave her with us and head to work so he wasn't always rushing.

Seriously, I'm there anyway.  What's another girl or two?

Today everyone was in the mini-van listening to music and waiting for the bus.  When it arrived, they jumped out and ran on to the warm bus.

On the way home, our girls will get off the bus and into our warm mini-van, while the other girls run into their warm houses.

Call me a whimp if you want, but I like being warm.


LauraC said...

This post does NOT make me miss Chicago, not one bit! I do not miss standing on El platforms waiting for the train while I froze. Then coming inside and almost overheating.

I laughed the first time someone told me they wore long underwear to work! I didn't laugh when I did it the rest of the winter.

But the nice benefit is that I NEVER complain about the weather in NC!

dcr said...

i'm right there with you, shari! i HATE the cold. bundled up, i can make it to about 30 degrees but anything else, forget it! so drive away knowing that us TRUE wimps in california would do exactly the same!

love, diane

Julie K said...

Be careful... ;-) I actually saw a story where someone got cited for daycare licensing violations for letting a neighbor kid wait in her house for the bus so his/her parents could get to work on time. I don't know how that came under scruitney, but was just a ridiculous situation.

Nicki said...

Yes. it is horribly cold! Plus I don't have a jacket. I had to steal Monkeboy's. Because Monkeyboy is too cool for a jacket anyway... he just strolls to school in his hoodie!

eatmisery said...

As a mom of two-month-old twins, I can totally appreciate such a gesture. I most definitely don't want to take them out in that cold just to get my kids to school. That was so thoughtful of you to do that for your neighbors. I wish someone would do that for me sometimes.

You're a gem.

By the way, my word verification for this comment is "leakers." And I'm lactating. Heh.

Noelle said...

Not walking two blocks in -25 degrees is not being a wimp!