Monday, November 2, 2009

TARP Funds Everywhere

Okay, you know how everyone is talking about how they don't know where their TARP money is?  I found it on every major road in my area.  In the past two months, road construction projects sprang up everywhere.

And, by everywhere I do mean EVERY SINGLE MAJOR ROAD.  There isn't a way to get around this area without seeing a TARP sign.  I should probably expand that from beyond my suburban area to say the entire Chicago metro area.  Friends from the far west to the north are commenting about the sudden road construction.  Everyone notes the TARP signs.  Yes, now we know where our money is going. 

Just to sound like a complete ingrate, it's driving me crazy.  I realize the roads need to be fixed.  I realize I've been complaining about some of these roads for years.  What I don't understand is why they all need to be fixed at the same time. 

Seriously.  Driving in this area is a mess.  Even my favorite back roads are under construction. 

There is no way to get from here to there without a road construction project slowing down the trip.  Of course, when all the projects are done, I'll be glad my tax money went for these projects.  It's just the process that drives me crazy.

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Nicki said...

You mean road construction actually ENDS at some point???? Huh?????!!! Fancy that!