Friday, November 6, 2009

Reading Test

We read books to the girls every day. We always let the girls pick out the books they want to hear. Today I discovered the downside of their growing ability to read.

When some of the stories are a little long or I do not feel like reading everything, I've been know to -- well -- let's say I shorten the stories a bit. I might skip a sentence here or there. In drastic cases I've been known to skip entire paragraphs.

Those days are long gone now. I was reading a story to fill some time before we had to go to the bus. I knew the story was too long, but I didn't want to fight about it. I just opened the book and started reading.

About half-way through the story, I skipped a paragraph and moved on. The brunette twin busted me. She said, "Mom, that's not what it says. You forgot to read this paragraph." She then proceeded to read the paragraph I skipped.


I know they can both read, but I didn’t put it all together until that moment. Now when I read a story, they are reading with me. They know what the words on the page say, so they are following where I am on the page.

I should have put this together. The other day the phone rang and I put a book down. When I picked it back up, I said, “Now, where was I?” The blond twin looked at the book and said, “Here Mom. The last thing you read was….” She was right. She knew exactly where I stopped reading. Of course I should have, but I didn’t put it all together at that moment.

The good part about them being able to read is I can now say, “Why don’t you read your sister a book? I want to hear you practice reading.” The downside of them reading is one of my favorite parenting tricks is gone. Oh well, at least they still ask us to read to them once in a while…even if it is starting to feel like a reading test these days.

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Nicki said...

I know what you mean here! Another downside is that you can no longer spell things out in front of them... like saying, "Should we stop for I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M?" or "Is Uncle Joe still in J-A-I-L?" anymore without a little kid popping up shouting, "We're stopping for icecream? Uncle JOe is in jail?"