Friday, November 20, 2009

Let me dial the phone for you

The other day the girls were a little tired.  They were still adjusting to the time change and I could tell they were a bit edgy.  I sent them upstairs to play as I thought this would help.  I was wrong.

The blond twin started crying and screaming at her sister almost as soon as she set foot in their bedroom.  I couldn't figure out the problem at first because I had a hard time understanding her through the tears.  It turned out she and her sister were fighting about a boot for one of their dolls.  

I took all the boots away and told them to crawl into bed until they calmed down.  I told them they couldn't get the boots back until they calmed down and behaved.  Yes, I'm wicked.  I know.

The blond twin started crying even louder, saying that she was going to tell Daddy.  This is her new favorite threat.  Whenever she gets mad at me, she yells, "I'm going to tell Daddy."  Usually I just ignore her.  On this day, I decided enough was enough.  I said, "Please, let me dial the phone for you, then you can tell Daddy all about it."

She looked stunned for a minute, then walked up to the phone and talked to Daddy.  She didn't feel better after talking to Daddy because he told her to quit fighting with her sister.  Then she walked out of the room.

I started laughing when I tried to explain to my husband what was going on.  I tried to laugh quietly so they don't hear me.  After all, I had to go in there and be the disciplinarian.  I finally just hung up on him because he was making me laugh even more. 

When I went back into the room, I said, "Do you feel better now that you've talked to Daddy?" 

The blond twin said, "No.  He said we had to stop fighting."

I said, "Funny, that's what I said too."

The blond twin replied, "I don't want to talk about it.  Come on Sissy.  Let's play."

We'll have to see if she still thinks the "I'm calling Daddy" option is a good idea.  All I know is my husband might get another call or two until she finally understands that calling Daddy is not a threat.

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