Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad for Daddy

My husband is really good about giving me time to get out of the house. He recognizes that it’s not easy to work from home and have the girls at home with me all day. It’s a lot of togetherness. Sometimes it is really good, like when they do something cute. Other times it’s just a long day, like when they are overtired or not feeling well or just being naughty. So, he encourages me to get out of the house with friends or for work.

I have a confession to make. It makes me feel a bit guilty to say it out loud, but here it goes. I'm rather amused when I come home from having fun to find out that the girls were bad for my husband. It’s not that I want them to be bad for Daddy, but it does entertain me to find out they have been bad. There, I said it.

Here's the thing -- they adore Daddy. Really. All day they talk about Daddy. There a bit of hero worship going on in our house. And, I encourage it. I really do want them to adore their father as much as I do.

It's just that some days the girls drive me crazy. Some days they are just tired or whiney or crabby or whatever. When he comes home, I'm not always sure he understands why whatever they were doing was driving me crazy. I realize he understands it because he listens to me explain it, describe it, complain about it, and otherwise talk about it over and over again.  Yet, there is something different about having to survive it.

What I really like is the knowledge that he lives through it once in a while too. I like the common parenting bond it creates when I come home to find that they do the things that drive me crazy to Daddy too.

After all, I don't want him to miss out on all the fun just because he goes into the office each day.

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