Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And Just Like That...

The girls were watching the Wonder Pets recently when I realized that they had outgrown the show.  I knew it was a bit young for them, but they always liked when the animals started singing like opera stars.  They loved to mimic the songs throughout the day.  I always laughed when they started singing like opera stars to ask if they could have a snack or go outside.

Part of the reason they still watched the Wonder Pets was that I'm not really well-informed about children's television.  They watch so little of it that I'm not sure what the next set of age-appropriate show are or when they air.  Instead, I have a few favorites they will watch, with the Wonder Pets being on the list.

They were watching this particular episode when the brunette twin turned to her sister and said, "Why doesn't Tuck just open the bag?  That's where the baby bird is hiding."

And just like that I realized they had outgrown the Wonder Pets.  They still imitated the singing during the show and laughed when the critters did something silly.  Yet, it was clear they weren't challenged by the story and were a bit bored some of the time.  Of course, they were so thrilled that I let them watch TV that they didn't complain. 

For me it was a little sad to realize they were moving on from the sweet, simple shows.  The older shows will be more in line with their age and intellect, but they won't be as charming.  It's one more sign that my babies are officially big girls now.


dcr said...

i was NEVER sad to realize that my kids could finally (fill in the blank). in hindsight, i wish i would have been but i was really just relieved! i'm way too pragmatic. i do hope you enjoy the holidays though while they're still relatively little!

Julie K said...

I SO miss Disney channel, Noggin and PBS shows (though we caught Sesame Street on PBS today and still enjoyed it). For the 6 year old crowd it seems SpongeBob and Cartoon Network (not my favorite) are the mainstays. We try to leave the tv off more now.

Nicki said...

Yeah, the Wonder Pets are definitely cutie pies, but they don't have much to teach anyone over the age of about 4! But I equally hate the shows Little Bear watches, which are mostly preteen shows. There doesn't seem to be much out there for the 6 to 10 year olds in the crowd!