Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shake 'Em High

I first noticed it in the powder room.  Yesterday I noticed it in the girls' bathroom.  We have streaks running down our walls.  At first I thought it was because it was steamy in their bathroom when I give them a shower.  Then I thought about it and that doesn't follow for the powder room.  There isn't a bath or shower in that room, so why would it be steamy?

The next time the girls' washed their hands, I watched and rolled my eyes.  The girls washed their hands and shook them before drying them.  Yes, before their hands reached the towels, they shook them in the air to get the water drops off.  The best part was when they started laughing when they shook their hands.  It was like a competition to shake them the highest and the fastest. 

Suddenly I understood why we have streaks running down our walls.

It's not something you might notice in other bathrooms, but we have deep blue paint on the walls.  It really is a beautiful color.  Lots of people comment on how pretty it is when they are at the house.  However, a lot of things that might not show up on a white or pale color wall show up on our bathroom walls.  Also, our bathrooms are pretty average to small in size.  If you had a large bathroom with more open space, the drops would probably just hit the floor. 

So, cross one more mystery off the list.  We'll try to get the girls to stop shaking their hands, but it's so funny when they laugh that it might not be worth it.  I think it's probably easier to just sponge down the walls once in a while.


Nicki said...

Thats funny! I wonder how they started doing that! Why don't they shake their hands over the sink???????????

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Hee Hee! I have the same streaks! We have a red bathroom and streaks everywhere. So funny!