Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ream of Paper

You know how after all the Christmas presents are open the toddlers just want to play with the empty boxes?  This is kind of how I feel about blank, white copy paper these days.

The girls have loads of coloring books.  They have loads of crayons.  Yet, the crayons never see work on the inside of a coloring book.  The girls love to take blank sheets of paper and create their own pictures.

These aren't just pictures of flowers or animals.  It's like they are illustrating a story.  Each piece of art comes with an entire back story.  They draw very nice pictures, with well thought out stories. 

They two of them bring all the materials to the breakfast bar and spread out everything.  They have pens, pencils, crayons, markers and scissors.  And, by the end of the afternoon, they use them all. 

It's fun to watch them draw and listen to them discuss stories.  It's like listening to a team of kindergarten writers working on an age-appropriate storyboard.  I like to hear them negotiate which pictures go with the words. 

This Christmas, I think Santa should bring reams of white paper.  It would be the best present they receive.

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Julie K said...

You probably already get reams of blank paper... at least on one side... junk mail (albiet often folded), flyers, papers from school). We keep a couple of piles of paper with one blank side. My son draws on it, I put it through my printer and we use them for notes. It often elicits an unexpected smile when I flip something I've printed for work and see my son's old schoolwork.