Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Hiding Spot

When the girls were little, I would put stuff on top of the refrigerator to hide it until I could move it. I still put something there if I need a quick hiding place. Turns out I need a new hiding place.

The blond twin said, "Hey Mom, what is that pink thing on top of the fridge?"

I said, "Huh?" (Yes, I know you're impressed with my quick, crafty response.)

She replied, "Mom, the pink thing in the plastic on top of the fridge. It must be mine because it's pink."

I looked up on top of the fridge to see a pink shirt I bought as a Christmas present. It took a minute for me to reply because the realization that she was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar looking at the top of the fridge took a minute to settle in.

My first thought was simple: When did she get tall enough to see on top of the fridge?

I said, "No. It's tissue paper in the wrapper. It's not for you."
Okay, it was another lame comeback, but it was the quickest thing I could think of at that moment.

As soon as the girls left the room, I moved the shirt. Then I started scouting a new hiding place. Of course, I could just put everything in our bedroom as soon as I buy it, but we know that won't always happen. I'm still working on a new hiding spot. It's probably not all that hard, but I keep getting distracted with the idea that she's so tall now.

When did she get so tall?


Rachel said...

Funny! I usually use any high spot.

For storage of smaller items I use our top drawer on the dresser.

Good luck on finding a new place. They can be sooooo sneaky.

Julie K said...

I still stash presents and things in empty suitcases in our closet. My son sees the suitcases whenever he looks in our closet at any time of year, so they are not particularly interesting (even at the holidays). Of course, in preparation of him starting to snoop... I'm eyeing the access to an attic crawlspace near the garage door (unless I can think of somewhere more convenient).

dcr said...

try the trunk of the car. though if you still have the minivan that might not work.