Friday, October 16, 2009

H1N1 Overload

Okay, I'm officially sick of hearing about the H1N1 virus.  Yes, I know it's scary.  Yes, I know we should all be taking precautions.  Yes, I know it's potentially dangerous.

What I don't understand is what we should do about it?  Other than wash our hands a lot and try to stay healthy, what can we do?

In our area, the major drug store chains have the seasonal flu vaccine.  Ironically, the doctor's don't have it, but the major drug store chains do.  No one has the H1N1 vaccine yet. 

Yet, every newspaper, television news cast and radio news report insists on reporting about H1N1 non-stop.  First the stories were about how dangerous the H1N1 virus is to certain populations.  Then the story in the Chicago area was about a high school student who had H1N1 when she died.  Of course, she also had an underlying heart condition, but that's not dramatic enough.  Now the stories are about how families want to get vaccinated, but no one has the vaccine. 

To make us even crazier, every time a student in any school is confirmed with H1N1, the news reports it.  I recently read an article about how every case of flu right now is the H1N1 virus because there have not been any confirmed cases of the seasonal flu in our area yet.

Okay, let's recap.  All the flu going around right now is H1N1.  Even if you want it, none of the H1N1 vaccine is available.  Once the vaccine does become available, it takes your body something like 30 days to build to full immunity.  Of course, by that time, the seasonal flu will be rampant in the Chicago area.

I'm done.  There's nothing we can do about H1N1 except maintain our preventive measures, get enough sleep, eat right, and try to stay healthy.  It's time for the media to move on.  The daily H1N1 updates are making us all crazy about something we cannot control.


Missy said...

Amen Sister!

Nicki said...

I know, its a huge panic fest... but I'm pretty sure I already had it so I guess I'm cool! It seems like every year, though, there is SOME sort of flu that is supposedly gonna kill us all!

Rachel said...


Cheryl Lage said...

Agreed. Our She-Twin was tested for flu and strep last Monday as she had a high sudden fever and felt awful. Both tests were negative. Tuesday, still fever and fatigued. Wednesday, , still fever and fatigued. Thursday, , still fever and fatigued. Friday, still fever and fatigued...and He-Twin declared a headache. Saturday we wait 25+ deep at the ped's office to be told that it must've been H1N1 as that's the only fever in town (as you wisely said) and they've both potentially got bronchitis on top to boot. Fevers are gone. Just in time for the school administered H1N1 vax in school tomorrow. (which the ped insists even if they HAVE had the H1N1, they should get the shot.) Poor kiddos. No more news for me. Enough in real world. Now if you'll excuse me I have to cough and blow my nose....


(added you to the Twinsights blog roll...thanks for letting me know your great blog was here!)