Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Fun Fantasea

The girls love the Shedd Aquarium.  They run from exhibit to exhibit, fascinated by the fish and other underwater creatures.  They love it so much we became members.  It's a membership that is well worth the price.  Last week an invitation for a members-only event showed up in my inbox.  I immediately RSVPd. 

The Shedd has a new show to replace the old dolphin show.  I have to admit we were not fans of the old show.  I realize the point of the museum is to educate, and the show focused on educating people about the animals.  This is noble, but not something the girls would sit through.  First of all, the conversation was too advanced for them.  Second, they were bored.  I was happy to read that the show was being re-imagined -- and the result is a truly wonderous, multi-media event featuring sea lions, dolphins, penquins and red-tailed hawks. 

We saw the show during the members-only event.  The girls sat mezmerized during the entire show.  True to form, the brunette twin asked me lots of questions while the blond twin sat nearly attached to her Daddy.  The show started with a video showing a bit of the Shedd's history.  There was a Cirque du Soleil feel to the beginning of the show that I won't spoil by detailing here.  It's a beautiful opening that grabs your attention.  The animals interacted with the audience in a way that was unexpected and charming.  When the penguins walked up the stairs, everyone moved out of the way to give them the space they need.

What made it better, at least for the younger children, is that this was also shown on a big screen.  The girls are not tall enough to see over everyone's heads, but they don't have to.  As the penguins walked up the stairs near us, the girls watched the audience react and looked at the screen to see where the pengiuns were.  It was a nice mix that added to the excitement. 

The beluga whales performed much like the dolphins, which was unexpected.  I guess I never thought much about how a whale would interact with its trainer.  My favorite animal was actually not even a water creature.  The show included two red-tail hawks, rescue birds, that fly across the water.  The close-ups of these birds were so beautiful. 

When we came home, we saw the show again in an unusual way.  The local news broadcasts covered the show.  It looked just as pretty on the television screen as it did in person. 

We cannot wait to see it again after it opens on October 16.

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Nicki said...

I haven't been there in so long... I hate driving to the city, and I can never afford the city museums. But I would love to make it there with the kids... it sounds awesome!