Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cuddliest Halloween Ever

We are having the cuddliest Halloween ever.  Given that the blond twin screams all night after watching a Disney movie, it's not surprising that we're not big on the scary parts of Halloween. 

There are a couple of good haunted houses in the area and some scary activities our park district is sponsoring, but there is no way we are visiting any of them.  If the blond twin experiences any of these things, then she will be screaming all night.  There's no way I want that to happen if I can avoid it. 

Instead, we have a sweet, cuddly Halloween going on here.  We have the least scary witches ever.  Our ghosts make Casper look mean.  The pumpkins are all smiling.  How did we do it?  Well, it does take some planning, but we also have a secret weapon.

One of their friends has a little sister named Leah.  Rather than tell the girls we think a decoration will frighten the blond twin, we always say, "I think Leah might be afraid of that.  We don't want to scare Leah."

It works like a charm because they adore Leah. They invite her to play dates and treat her like she's their little sister.  They wouldn't do anything to scare Leah, so any decoration that might scare Leah is not allowed in our house.

Of course, the fact that the decorations won't scare the blond twin is a bonus for us.  As long as we keep using Leah as our excuse not to bring any scary things into the house, we might all enjoy Halloween. 


Julie K said...

We're in transition this year from cute/cuddly Halloween to scary stuff (not going blood/gore yet, but I've got a boy... so just a few years away). He won't give up some of the cute, smiling pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, etc... but more scary stuff like spiders and skulls are making their way into are decorations.

Nicki said...

I kinda like the idea of a cuddly Halloween! In our household we seem to have mixed feelings on the holiday. We would like to PRETEND we enjoy being scared and seeing scary things, but there is no telling WHAT will cause us a major freakout!

dcr said...

you are absolutely BRILLIANT! but then you know that. just thought i'd reinforce. have a very nice, cuddly halloween!