Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Art Institute of Chicago through the Eyes of the Girls

I took the girls to the Art Institute of Chicago recently.  I had a free afternoon and my membership card (thank you GroupOn), so it seemed like a good way to hang out.  I wanted to see the new Modern Wing and show them the Thorne Miniature Rooms. 

I learned a few things about taking small children to the Art Institute.  The first was that I needed to edit which galleries we visited as a lot of the works were not appropriate for six-year-olds.  The second thing I learned was that the bathrooms were not that easy to find when we really needed them.  Of course, that could have been because I didn't really know where we were on the map.  I always asked one of the very nice employees for help.  The third thing was that the girls love the artwork, but needed a bit more downtime.  Now that we found the children's area in the Modern Wing, we know where to head to take a break. 

In the words of the girls, here were their impressions of the various galleries.

European Art before 1900:  Mom, why is Jesus bleeding on the cross?  Why doesn't that woman have a top on?  Why do all these people look sad? 

Impressionists:  Oh, look at the pretty colors.  It's a haystack?  I think it looks like a vase. 

Contemporary Art:  Look at the ballerinas.  Hey, I just played with that picture on the computer game downstairs. 

Photography:  Can we do that with our cameras?

Sculpture Court: (and other sculptures)  Why doesn't that guy have arms?  What happened to her body?

Modern Wing:  Oh, look at the pretty colors.  Look at the light over there.  Why is that thing hanging from the ceiling?

Thorne Miniature Rooms:  Can we put these in our doll house?  Look at the trees outside the windows (in the miniature rooms).  I want a doll bed like that.

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LauraC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Jon and I moved to NC from Chicago and we always took advantage of the free passes from the library for all the local museums. Love the kids' reaction to all the art!