Monday, September 28, 2009

Yellow is My Favorite Color

I could have predicted the blond twin would change her favorite color, but I didn't.  As I was buying clothes one or two sizes from now in last week's favorite color -- pink -- I didn't take into account that she would have a new favorite color one of these days.  If I had been thinking about the child, instead of the really cute clothes, I would have only bought one size in advance. 

Of course she changed her favorite color.  It's just part of her personality.  She always has a favorite, but it's always changing.  She falls in love with each new doll or critter.  She plays with them, changes their clothes, sleeps with them and won't let them out of her sight -- until the next new one comes along.  It's not like she discards the old toys.  She just moves the new ones to the front of the line. 

She decreed purple as her favorite color at about two years old.  By three pink was her favorite color.  And, let's face it, pink had a good run.  For her to stick with one thing for that long is unusual.  I think this is why it lulled me into a false sense of security. 

Now she wants everything to be yellow.  Today she wants to change her bed sheets from the orange and pink flowered sheets to the yellow gingham sheets.  She wants to buy some yellow clothes next time we go shopping.

So, we're moving yellow to the front of the line.  The blond twin will get some yellow clothes here and there.  She'll add yellow headbands to the collection and bask in her favorite color for now.  The good thing is pink is cute with yellow, so she'll have lots of brightly colored outfits for a while.

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Nicki said...

Well, thats nice that she's giving all of the different colors a turn! Maybe she should just dress in rainbow hues!