Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snap Goes the Mommy

One thing they don't tell you about parenting is it is not the big things that cause the most problems, it's the little, continuous problems that drive you crazy.  The girls have a few habits right now that are going to drive me right over the edge.  One day my husband will come home and find me sitting on the floor rocking in the fetal position. 

The brunette twin says "no" or "I don't like it" to everything now.  Go ahead, ask any question.  She'll answer with one of those things.  I just about imploded the other day when I picked a sweater for her to wear and she said, "I don't like it."  It wasn't that she said it that time that pushed me to crack.  It was that it she says it all day, every day. 

The blond twin leaves a debris field around her whenever she eats.  The other day she was eating a chocolate chip muffin at the breakfast bar.  By the time she was done, she managed to get crumbs evenly distributed across the entire kitchen floor.  I had to clear a path to get them out of there so I could clean the kitchen.  I was on a conference call when they ate, so I'm not quite sure how she did it.  My guess is that she took advantage of the bar stools and turned back and forth as she ate.  It's just a guess though.

What drives me crazy is we have the same conversations with them about these things every, single day.  My husband will say, "They are only six."  I know he's right, but it still drives me crazy.  It's the cumulative effect of trying to correct these bad habits that makes me crazy some days.

Of course, I realize that one day I'll wish my ongoing problem was cleaning up the debris field after every meal.  It's just that right now those days seem very far away.

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Julie K said...

A dog would help with crumbs!