Monday, September 14, 2009

Purple Ties

Overheard at our house...

Brunette Twin:  Mom, why doesn't Daddy wear more ties?

Mom:  He doesn't need one for his job.  Why?

Brunette Twin:  I think men who wear ties are handsome.

Mom:  I agree.  Ties do look nice.

Brunette Twin:  When I get a husband, I'm going to make him wear a purple tie every day to work.

Mom:  What if he doesn't need a tie for his job?

Brunette Twin:  I don't care.  I really like ties, so he'll have to wear one.  I like purple, so he'll wear a purple tie.

Mom:  What if he doesn't like purple?  What if he likes green?

Brunette Twin:  He can wear a green and purple tie, but it has to have some purple in it.  I'll be his wife so he'll have to do it.

Mom:  Somehow I'm sure he will wear a purple tie for you.

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