Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mom, Why Does Someone Want to Kill the President?

I wasn't listening to the radio this morning, but the brunette twin certainly was.  As I was loading the dishwasher and the blond twin was talking about her glasses, I barely remembered that the radio was on.   Apparently the disc jockeys were talking about the Facebook poll asking if the president should be assassinated.  The brunette twin caught every word of it. 

My first thought was that I needed to listen to more CDs in the morning and not the radio.  My second thought was, "What is wrong with people?"  Once a day someone does something that makes me ask what is wrong with people?  This story about the Facebook poll really has me wondering how deep the craziness goes. 

I realize people disagree with the President, but when did it become acceptable to publically wish the President dead?  Did I miss a memo?  I heard a while ago about the pastor encouraging his flock to pray for the President's death.  I chalked that up to an isolated bunch of ultra-religious crazies looking for publicity.  Now there is a Facebook page asking if the president should be assassinated?  What is going on?

When did we start expressing our political views by encouraging people to kill someone?  I've read the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers, and I don't remember this being part of the Founding Fathers' thinking.   

Elementary schools these days focus on being respectful and kind. They call it character education.  What kind of character are you building for your children when you openly wish the President would be assassinated?  How do you teach children it's okay to be respectful to some people and not others? Do these people say, "Hey, we're respectful to the mailman, but not the President of the United States or people who support him.  We want those people to die."

Yes, I know both sides of the political debate are rude and obnoxious.  I realize this is part of the larger breakdown of basic manners in society.  Yet, it disturbs me that it has become so acceptable that people openly wish another person would die just because they disagree with him.    

I am sure the brunette twin will want to talk about this more when she gets home from school.  It's a story that will have "legs" for a while.  The sad part is we can teach her to be respectful and tolerant, but it's getting to be harder and harder to find examples of this in society at large.


anymommy said...

It is so hard. Disrespect is considered cool and it's really difficult to fight that as a parent. Of course, I thought it was cool when I was sixteen too, so I guess turnabout is fair play. I see your larger point, though.

Nicki said...

That is alarming that a poll like that can be blatantly put out right in public! I always thought it was against the law to even joke about that type of thing... or at least something that would immediately make you a very suspicious person in the eyes of the law!