Sunday, September 6, 2009

Class Mom of the Year

I'm really glad tomorrow is Labor Day.  It means there's one less day next week for me to screw up something school-related.

Let's see, in the two weeks the girls have been in school, the blond twin has gone several days without her glasses.  She also left her backpack on the bus; you'd think I would have noticed she wasn't wearing it, but nope.  I have forgotten to pay for a book we bought.  I nearly missed the bus drop-off one day because I was admiring the pumpkin in the garden and lost track of time. 

The kicker, though, came last Wednesday as we walked home from the bus.  It went something like this.

Brunette Twin:  "Mom, I know you're really busy, but can we talk about something." 
Mom:  "Sure baby."
Brunette Twin:  "Well, you know how we have juice break every day?"
Mom:  "Yes."
Brunette Twin:  "Do you think you can send us with some juice tomorrow?  We haven't had any the past couple of days and during juice break we don't have anything to do."
Mom:  "You haven't had juice this week?"
Brunette Twin:  "No, so we just go out in the hall to get a drink of water and sit there reading books while all the other kids drink their juice."
Mom:  "Oh, I am so sorry.  I completely forgot about juice break."
Brunette Twin:  "It's okay Mom.  I know you are busy.  It's just getting a little boring not having juice."

Yes, for three days I sent the girls to school without any juice for their break. I think that puts me in the running for Class Mom of the Year.  I really wonder how long I would have gone if the brunette twin hadn't mentioned it.

The next day I sent them with juice.  The blond twin's bottle opened and spilled all over the alphabet rug.  I'm sure I'm now the teacher's favorite parent.

The next day I changed the blond twin's bottle and waited to hear how it went.  Nothing spilled, so I think we're set with bottles.

Now, if I can only remember to send them with juice every day.


Jacque said...

You know my babies are 8th, 9th, and 11th grade and I still make several mom of the year mistakes each year. The kicker now when I do something crazy is that my youngest says to me in that lovely 13 years old tone..."sheez and you're on the school board!" {stabs eyes} it just keeps getting better! =)

Julie K said...

Until it became routine, I had a checklist on an index card for me in my son's lunchbox. I did a similar checklist for myself for his summer daycamp backpack (a much longer list with sunscreen, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, lunch, waterbottle, etc) which I checked everyday he went to daycamp (I was paranoid that I'd forget to send his waterbottle).