Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Check Out Their Hair

I realized today that you can tell a lot about the girls' personalities from their hair.  Both girls have long hair that nearly hangs all the way down their backs.  The difference is in the way they style it.

The blond twin likes her hair free and flowing.  She ocassionally wears a headband or pony tail, but usually her hair is just tucked behind her ears.  She's our thrill-seeker (or wild child).  She is up for any adventure, especially if it involved high speeds or steep drops.  A few weeks ago we were at a summer festival.  There was a 30 foot tall inflatable rock climbing wall.  She climbed to the top and asked the man below, "How do I get down?"  He said, "Just hold on to the rope and jump."  So she did.  When she arrived at the bottom, she said, "I want to do this again."

The brunette twin puts her hair back in a purple headband every day.  She started doing this when she was about three-years-old.  Someone gave her a purple headband and she wore it until that headband was disgusting.  I mean it was filthy.  We finally convinced her to give up the old purple headband for a new purple headband.  When that broke I actually sent the babysitter with the girls to the mall to find a new one.  Mornings around here are rough when she cannot find a purple headband.  This summer she added a pony tail to her hair options.  She taught herself to do it so she could control whether she wears it or not.  And, control is a big part of her personality.  She's cautious until she has her bearings.  Until she understands something -- whether how to swim or why the school bus doesn't go right to school -- she's a bit reserved.

The funny thing is the girls handle their own hair.  They brush it and we check it.  They decide whether to wear a headband or pony tail or nothing. 

Now, of course, I wonder if this translates to other girls and adult women.  I will have to start my own social sciences experiment to see if my theory applies.

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Nicki said...

I bet you could write a whole book about hair and what it means! My hair was always such a control issue for my mom... when I was little I loved it in pigtails and braids, but then my mom decided I was too old to wear my hair that way, and I had to wear it down (it was CRAZY frizzy and fluffy and out of control and I got made fun of for it all the time) until I got old enough to figure out how to do my own pigtails and braids for myself! Eventually I just cut my own hair in the mirror, and in doing that it seemed like I became a whole new person! Little Bear would like nothing more than to wear her hair uncombed and un"done" each day, but its more out of laziness than a personal style... and as for Pufferfish, you can always tell who is in charge of her on any given day because of her hair! I always let her choose between pigtails or braids, Diana always gives her a ponytail, and Jimmy usually just leaves it the way it was when she woke up!!!