Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Box #!*& Tops for #*&! Education

Last year the girls' school sent home a monthly paper with a cute design.  The instructions were to tape 10 of the Box Tops for Education to the sheet, color the design and return it to school.

We don't eat that much food that comes with a Box Top for Education.  I've been saving them all summer long so I would have a stash of them ready for this school year.  I figured that with 40 saved, I'd be a bit ahead of the game.


The new sheet came home today.  It turns out the stakes are a bit higher in Kindergarten.  This year, each child is expected to bring in 50 Box Tops for Education.  No, that's not a typo.  This means I need to produce 100 of these things by October 15. 

I realize I don't have to, but each child who turns in a completed sheet gets a coloring page (or two).  The girls are at an age where coloring is THE THING to do.  They can sit with coloring books or blank paper and draw for hours.  I don't want them to be the only two in the class without coloring pages.

Ugh.  Where am I going to come up with 100 of these things?  I am already calling the relatives to see if anyone has any.  Even if everyone has a couple, I'm still going to be short of the 100 needed.

I think I need a new strategy here.  I need to start enlisting family and friends to save these crazy things so we can at least have a good showing here and there.

Let's face it, there is no way I can keep sending in 100 Box Tops for Education every month.  I really do want to get it done this month, though.  It will be one less line on my Class Mom of the Year application.


Julie K said...

If you don't get 100... how about alternating which girl turns in the 50 each month and they can share the coloring sheet?

Kim Moldofsky said...

The school requires this? That's outrageous. I save them, but thankfully we don't have the cutesy form; we just drop them into a box in the school office.