Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes, They Are Twins

If there is one thing I despise, it's people who say this: "How can they be twins? One is blond and one is brunette." It's even better when they sound completely shocked and start comparing the girls. "Well, the brunette twin is a little taller, isn't she?" "The blond twin has blue eyes, doesn't she?" It's like a list of qualities about our children that we already know about.

It takes everything I have not to make a sarcastic comment about how stupid they sound.

It's not like I start these conversations. Yesterday we were at a beach when a woman said, "Oh, those girls are beautiful. Are they friends?" I said, "They are twins." And then it started. "Oh, they cannot be twins. They don't look a like. One has brown hair and one is blond."

A girlfriend with a boy/girl twin set never has this problem. Another friend with identical twins never has this problem. Although, I have to say that my friend with the boy/girl twins gets another stupid question all the time. Are you ready? "Are they identical?" Yes, people ask her if her boy/girl twins are identical. Sometimes she says, "yes" just because she is too tired to explain the difference between fraternal and identical twins.

Why is it some people don't understand the concept of twins? It seems like something so basic that it shouldn't be a conversation point any more. I don't say this as the mother of twins. I saw it as a person of reasonable intelligence.

I read recently that the number of multiples keeps increasing -- for a variety of reasons. As people get more used to seeing twins, you would think they would be more used to the idea that some twins don't looks alike.

Of course, in my darker moments, I just assume these people lack functioning brain cells, so I talk to them the way I would a toddler. Luckily, those moments pass quickly. I'd hate to think most of the population walking around is a bunch of idiots.


Jacque said...

my bff has boy/girl twins and people ALWAYS ask her if they are kills me!

dcr said...

but shari, "most of the population walking around (are) a bunch of idiots."

love you!

Nicki said...

When I was little I lived in a neighborhood with about four sets of twins within a one block radius. Two sets were identical twins, and two sets were twins who looked absolutely nothing alike. So I learned by the time I was SIX that twins don't have to share anything but the same birthday! I'm surprised, with so many families having "multiples" these days and with shows like Jon And Kate on, that people are still so confused about twins!