Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Three Things That Made Us Laugh

The girls do these things that we find funny, even though we wouldn't tell them. Here are the most recent top three things that made us laugh.

1. I was mad at the brunette twin for something (who know what now), and while I was reprimanding her, she made a funny face and moved her mouth to mock me. I dragged her off the couch to her bed. I was so mad at her. She started crying, loudly. My husband, who didn't see what happened, and I laughed when I demonstrated her funny faces to him after she was in bed. It still makes me laugh now that I'm not so mad at her.

2. The girls have a song with the phrase "Yippee Cay Yeah" in it. Whenever they say it in their sweet, giggly kindergarten voices, I kind of smirk. Think about how Bruce Willis ended that phrase in the Die Hard movies and you'll know why I smirk. It just goes to show that different generations interpret phrases differently.

3. The brunette twin made a friend on the bus ride to school. She declared her to be her best friend. A little while later she said, "Mom, what is my best friend's name again?"

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Noelle said...

Cute stories! My 4 y.o. daughter does that "best friend" thing all the time. I think it's adorable!